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ToggleJavaScript Training Overview

JavaScript is essentially
A client side & server side scripting language of the web and is used to make websites and web applications more interactive and user friendly beyond the standard static pages designed in HTML.

JavaScript plays a very dominant role in the world of Web Technology.

As a student of Wisen you will belong to Wisen family where we will provide information on the latest trends in JavaScript and related technologies in order to acquire your dream career. Our hands-on practical sessions via Classroom / Online JavaScript training from India is designed to provide the basic, intermediate and advanced skills necessary to enhance Web pages with JavaScript.

Learning JavaScript is no magic, which could be obtained overnight.

There is no shortcut for JavaScript training which will convert you into an expert JavaScript developer overnight. For acquiring an expert level talent you will need rigorous technical problem-solving, progress-course practice and ability to learn from your foreseeable mistakes. Our classroom & online JavaScript training from India will provide as a brilliant platform for achieving those goals and desired expert level status.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
by Anthony J. D’Angelo

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Skills You Gain(Objectives)

Upon completion of this classroom or online JavaScript training from India:

  • You will acquire the necessary and unique knowledge to become a highly qualified Front-end Developer
  • You will learn not only JavaScript, but all the UX knowledge which the modern front-end developers must know.
  • Numerous and optimised ways to include the JavaScript inside the HTML document
  • Differentiate the Programming Language Vs Scripting Language
  • How to use the JavaScript variables
  • How to use the type of operator
  • How to declare the JavaScript Blocks
  • How to use various Expressions & Operators
  • How to use various control statements supported by JavaScript
  • How to implement single dimensional and multi-dimensional rectangle and jagged array.
  • How to implement functions and nested functions
  • How to implement function as first class citizen in JavaScript
  • How to create JavaScript Objects
  • How to add properties and functions dynamically
  • Understand the JS Execution context.
  • How this keyword behaves in various execution context.
  • How to create object using Object Literal Notation.
  • How to use the factory pattern
  • How to use the constructor pattern
  • How to use the prototype pattern
  • How to implement the Constructor Prototype Pattern
  • How to use various JS built in Objects
  • Understand Document Object Mode (DOM)
  • Document Tree & Node Relationship
  • How to travel through elements using JS DOM
  • How to insert, modify and delete nodes using JavaScript DOM
  • Understand Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • Understand the concept of global scope
  • Work with window object, location, navigator, screen and various JS objects.
  • Understand JS Event Handling mechanism
  • Get the complete knowledge of Event Bubbling and Event Capturing
  • Various way to bind the event handlers to DOM elements
  • Understand the various types of events like mouse, keyboard, HTML events and many more
  • How to access and modify the CSS styles using JS syntax
  • How to handle errors in JavaScript
  • Understand Error Events, Type Coercion Errors and many more.
  • How to implement Drag & Drop concept
  • How to implement HTML5 File API
  • How to implement the graphics using HTML5 canvas
  • How to implement HTML5 Geo Location API
  • How to integrate HTML5 Geo Location API with Google Maps
  • How to implement HTML5 Communication API
  • How to implement Cross Origin Communication using HTML5 communication API
  • How to implement HTML5 Storage API (Local Storage & Session Storage)

ToggleHow would graduation from this course help your career?

Gain 2+ years real time professional IT experience knowledge

In India

You will be in YOUR DREAM CAREER, certified and IN HIGH DEMAND as a Full-stack JavaScript Developer, making between INR 1,80,000 and INR 3,60,000+ a year**

In Aboard

You will be in YOUR DREAM CAREER, certified and IN HIGH DEMAND as a Full-stack JavaScript Developer, making between USD 48,000 and USD 1,20,0000+ a year**

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ToggleJavaScript Training Institute in Chennai

Our best classroom / online JavaScript training from India offered location is Chennai, India. Check our Advanced JavaScript Training Institute location in Chennai in Google Map

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ToggleOnline Javascript Training

We are pioneers in delivering 100% Quality Online JavaScript training from India. We render our online Javascript training services in a most successful training delivery method

"WISEN ONLINE EDGE, your one stop online IT training solution"

Wisen Online Edge training method is an easy replacement to classroom IT training. So far, we had successfully delivered JavaScript Online Training to numerous participants across PAN India and abroad.

Our JavaScript Online Training from India covers the wide range of concepts to meet the growing demand of current and future IT Industry.Our Online Javascript course methodology strikes a right balance between Theory & Practical session delivering 100% quality IT training.

Theory Session

Our unique methodology "Wisen Online Edge" aims to provide excellent individual attention for your learning curve. In our Javascript online training from India, the faculty shall guide you through each and every topic from the Basic to Advance level along with relevant Technical Examples and Case Studies. This had proved to help the participants to understand even the most complex topics with ease.

Practical Session

Lab assistance would be provided to you on further to the respective theory sessions. We intend to provide as much hands-on lab exercises for maximum practical learning curve. We will covert you from novice to an expert at the end of this course.

Hand on Projects & Best Coding Practices

Our Online JavaScript Training from India curriculum also contains real time projects. These projects shall be assigned to you on 75% Course Completion and Best Coding Practices (through personalized feedback session) would be shared during end of the project.

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Best JavaScript Training Course Prerequisites:-

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS & CSS3

Programming knowledge in any language like

  • How to write a simple Hello World program in any programming language
  • Variable concept
  • Using conditional statements
  • Using loops

Wisen also offers the best JavaScript Training course prerequisites: Online HTML5 Training from India, Online CSS3 Training from India

ToggleBest JavaScript Training Lecture / Practical Ratio

This Mastering Javascript training class is

  • 50% quality lecture
  • 30% Hands on lab programs
  • 20% lab problem solving exercises

Normally the lecture segments lasting for 150 to 180 minutes/day.

ToggleAdvanced Classroom / Online JavaScript TrainingVersions

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • ECMAScript 6 (The next version of the standard, code-named "Harmony" or "" )

ToggleBest Advanced classroom / online JavaScript Training from India Course Material*

Our best classroom / online JavaScript Training Institute from India Student Materials includes a comprehensive Student Guide complete with detailed course notes, diagrams. Step-by-step lab instructions are clearly illustrated for easy learning.

All attendees receive comprehensive courseware, which includes:

  • Study Material
  • Lab programs
  • Lab Exercises

Beginner / Advanced / Expert JavaScript Training Material: 1 No's

Toggle Best JavaScript Training Upcoming Dates & Course Duration

Learn the latest Javascript version : ECMAScript 6 . Indepth Course Coverage. Theory + Lab Programs + Exercises

Course Duration: 50-60 Hours
Starts: 2 June 2016
Starts: 22 July 2016
Starts: 30 July 2016
Starts: 5 August 2016
Starts: 13 August 2016
Starts: 22 August 2016
Starts: 3 September 2016

2nd Floor,15/1,Five furlong Road,Maduvankarai
Chennai, Tamilnadu 600032 India
Phone: 91 96 000 67 888

ToggleDetailed Course Contents

Introduction To JavaScript

  • Objectives
  • What is JavaScript?
  • Script Tags
  • JavaScript Inclusion
  • The noscript Element
  • JavaScript is Case Sensitive
  • Statement & Statement Blocks
  • Comments
  • Important Features of JavaScript
  • Scripting Language
  • Programming Language Vs Scripting Language
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Data Types and Variables.

  • Objectives
  • What is Variable?
  • Variable Declaration
  • Well Known Naming Conventions
  • JavaScript Data Types
  • Boolean Data Type
  • Number Data Type
  • String Data Type
  • The undefined Data Type
  • The null Data Type
  • The typeof Operator
  • JavaScript Blocks
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Expression & Operators

  • Objectives
  • About Expressions & Operators?
  • JavaScriptScript Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Numeric Comparison
  • Conditional Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Increment & Decrement Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Conditional Operators
  • Order of Operator Precedence
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Control Structures

  • Objectives
  • Empty Statement
  • Control Structures
  • Sequence Structures
  • Selection Structure
  • If Statement
  • Switch Statement
  • Repetition Structure
  • While Statement
  • Do-While Statement
  • For Statement
  • Foreach Statement
  • Continue Statement
  • Break Statement
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities


  • Objectives
  • Array Definition
  • Purpose of an Array
  • Illustrate the single & multi dimensional array
  • Single dimension arrays
  • Multi Dimension Rectangular Arrays
  • Multi Dimensional Jagged Arrays
  • Array Length
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities


  • Objectives
  • JavaScript Functions
  • Function Parameters
  • Returning from Function
  • Local & Global Variables
  • Local Variable Hiding
  • Nested Functions
  • Parameter Length
  • Arguments Length
  • Function Expressions
  • Function As Argument
  • Function As Return Values
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

OOP in JavaScript

  • Objectives
  • Object based Language
  • Objects are reference types
  • Creating object using new operator
  • Object Literal Notation
  • Adding Properties Dynamically
  • Adding Functions Dynamically
  • Data Properties
  • Accessor Properties
  • Execution Context
  • The this Reference
  • Object Literal Notation Problem
  • The Factory Pattern
  • The Constructor Pattern
  • Constructors vs Normal Functions
  • The prototype Pattern
  • Same Property Name
  • Constructor Prototype Pattern
  • Inheritance
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Built-in Objects

  • Objectives
  • The Object object
  • The Boolean object
  • The Number object
  • Global Functions
  • The Date object
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities


  • Objectives
  • Document Object Model
  • Hierarchy of Nodes
  • Document Tree
  • Node Relationship
  • Selecting Elements
  • Documents of Tree of Nodes
  • Elements Travesal
  • Attribute Nodes
  • Element Content
  • Creating, Inserting, and Deleting Nodes
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities


  • Objectives
  • Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • The window Object
  • The Global Scope
  • Global Variables vs Windows Properties
  • Navigating and Opening Windows
  • Timeouts
  • Intervals
  • System Dialogs
  • The location Object
  • The navigator Object
  • The screen Object
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Event Handling

  • Objectives
  • Event Handling
  • Event Flow
  • Event Bubbling
  • Event Capturing
  • DOM Event Flow
  • Event Handlers/Listeners
  • Dom Event Handlers
  • Traditional Way Vs AddEventListener
  • The Event Object
  • Event object properties
  • Types of Events
  • Mouse Events
  • Keyboard Events
  • HTML Events
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Advanced DOM

  • Objectives
  • Scripting Styles
  • Accessing Forms & its fields
  • Form field commonalities
  • Submit only once
  • Textboxes
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Error Handling

  • Objectives
  • Errors& Types
  • Logical Error
  • Runtime Error
  • Exception
  • Exception Handling
  • The try-catch
  • Error Types
  • Appropriate Exception Handling
  • The finally block
  • Throwing Errors
  • Creating Custom Error Types
  • The Error Event
  • Type Coercion Errors
  • Type Coercion Errors
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Drag & Drop

  • Objectives
  • Drag & Drop
  • Draggability
  • The draggable Attribute
  • While Dragging
  • Drop Target
  • Working with DataTransfer object
  • The dropEffect property
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

File API

  • Objectives
  • FileList Object
  • File Object
  • FileReader Object
  • FileReader Load Events
  • FileReader Error Handling
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Working with canvas

  • Objectives
  • Canvas Coordinates
  • Fallback Content
  • Canvas and CSS
  • Browser Support
  • Alternative way to check support
  • Adding Canvas to a page
  • The getContext Method
  • The strokeRect Method
  • The fillRect Method
  • Simple Canvas Program
  • The StrokeStyle Method
  • The fillStyle Method
  • Stroke and Fill Style
  • Rectangle With Transparency
  • The clearRect Method
  • The lineTo Method
  • Rectangle Path
  • The Arc
  • The ArcTo
  • Rounded Rectange
  • Quadratic Curve
  • Draw Text
  • Stroke Text
  • Text Align
  • Text Base Line
  • Measure Text
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Transform
  • Draw Image
  • Shadow
  • Linear Gradient
  • Radial Gradient
  • Pattern
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities


  • Objectives
  • About GEO Location
  • IP Address Geolocation Data
  • GPS Geolocation Data
  • Wi-Fi Geolocation Data
  • Cell Phone Geolocation Data
  • Checking for Browser Support
  • Geolocation Object
  • Position Requests
  • One-Shot Position Requests
  • The GEOPosition Object
  • The Geocoordinates Object
  • Handling Errors
  • One-Shot Position Requests
  • GeolocationError Object
  • GEO Location a Complete Program
  • Geolocation – Other Properties
  • Repeated Position Updates
  • Repeat a Complete Program
  • Clear Watch
  • Integrate With Google
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Working With Communication API

  • Objectives
  • What is Origin?
  • Same Origin
  • Different Origin
  • Cross Origin
  • Cross Origin Communication
  • Before HTML5 (Between iframes)
  • Before HTML5 (Between Tabs)
  • Cross Document Messaging?
  • Cross Origin Communication
  • Browser Support
  • Cross Document Messaging
  • Cross Document Messaging Security Model
  • The window.postMessage
  • Communicating with iFrame
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

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