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JQuery is essentially
Write Less Code. Do more Rich Internet Applications

JQuery is the major open source, CSS3 support, cross-browser compatible, unobtrusive JQuerylibrary around; JQuery made client-side scripting a breeze for UX developer. JQuery plays a very dominant role in the web technology world.

As a student of Wisen you will belong to Wisen family where you shall have access to information on the latest trends in JQuery and related technologies, and provide numerous resources to acquire your dream job.

Our Class room / Online JQuery Training from India has been developed for real-world, practical oriented, commercial IT project scenarios by our expert technical board members who are have an industry experience for 15+ years on various domains such as Banking, Retails, Manufacturing and so on,.

This Hands-On class room / Online JQuery training course from India provides an exhaustive introduction to the features provided by JQuery. Especially useful for creating advanced, feature-rich web applications within the latest browser environments like HTML5, CSS3 and so on,.

Don’t study to earn,

study to learn.

What you learn today, is what you will become tomorrow.

ToggleJQuery Corporate Training

JQuery Corporate Training course is available at Chennai, India training centre, or can be custom-made to your project team's necessities and delivered onsite as a bespoke, customised JQuery corporate training course.

JQuery Corporate Training course is best suited for Web and IT professionals who are completely new or have some base knowledge to JQuery. This is also suited for professionals who need to gain hands-on experience of developing commercial web applications based on JQuery.

This course has been designed to help experienced developers to develop real-world, job-role-specific skills. JQuery Corporate Training Course is best fit to develop hands-on skill through a series of chapters, lab programs, exercises, and suggested best practices. It helps you to take full advantage of your performance and implement in your job.

Wisen also offers other corporate training courses such as HTML5 Corporate Training, CSS3 Corporate Training,Javascript Corporate Training and many more,.

Skills You Gain(Objectives)

Upon completion of this classroom or online JQuery training from India, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire the necessary and unique knowledge to become a highly qualified Front-end Developer
  • You will learn not just JQuery, but also attain thorough UX knowledge that modern front-end developers must know
  • How JQuery simplifies the JQuery Development
  • How to use JQuery library
  • How document ready handler works
  • window.onload vs document.ready
  • How to find HTML elements
  • Use the utility functions like html, val etc
  • How to use the class related functions like addClass, removeClassetc
  • Attributes Vs Properties
  • How to use Attribute selectors
  • How to select elements using various selectors
  • Empty Vs Plain Object
  • How to iterate over collections
  • How to combine the properties of one or more objects.
  • How to perform various array operations
  • How to execute JQuery code globally using JQuery
  • How to translate an array to another array.
  • How to use various event binding techniques
  • How to bind and unbind an event
  • How to implement JQuery event handling mechanism before JQuery version 1.7
  • How to implement JQuery event handling mechanism on or after JQuery version 1.7
  • How to use various event properties
  • How to return a last value from an event handler.
  • Classification of Event’s
  • How to implement various Form, Mouse & Keyboard Events
  • How to manipulate the DOM elements

ToggleHow would graduation from this course help your career?

Gain 2+ years real time professional IT experience knowledge

In India

You will be in YOUR DREAM JOB, certified and IN GREAT DEMAND. As a Full-stack JQuery Programmer, making between INR 1,60,000 and INR 3,20,000+ a year**.

In Aboard

You will be in YOUR DREAM JOB, certified and IN GREAT DEMAND. As a Full-stack JQuery Programmer, making between USD 48,000 and USD 1,20,0000+ a year**.

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ToggleJQuery Training Institute in Chennai

Our best classroom / online JQuery training from India offered location is Chennai, India. Check our Advanced JQuery Training Institute location in Chennai in Google Map

Wisen also offers other best UX courses like HTML5 Training in Chennai, Javascript Training in Chennai and many more,.

ToggleOnline JQuery Training From India

Wisen Technologies is one of the forerunner in IT Training institute from India, delivering 100% Quality Online JQuery training from India. We render our online JQuery training services in a most successful practical oriented training delivery method

"Wisen Online Edge"

is equivalent to your classroom IT training. So far, we have successfully delivered JQuery Online Training to numerous participants across PAN India and Abroad.

Wisen's Online JQuery Training had emerged to be the most successful means of Training assistance for those who are unable to attend our in house classroom session.

  • We provide the same classroom IT training content but in a custom-fit learning methodology to fully satisfy your knowledge needs.
  • Our experienced Wisen Trainers would deliver online theory classes and provide relevant lab programs for you to gain maximum hands on experience.
  • We shall assign you a project to work on 75% course completion, so that we could understand your flaws in lengthy coding and suggest best coding practices for an optimized coding
  • We assure to convert you into another skill-ready candidate to meet today's IT industry needs

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ToggleBest JQuery Training Course Prerequisites

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • JavaScript & OOP in JavaScript

Programming knowledge in any language like

  • How to write a simple Hello World program in any programming language
  • Variable concept
  • Using conditional statements
  • Using loops

Wisen also offers the best JQuery Training course prerequisites courses such as Online HTML5 Training from India, Online CSS3 Training from India

ToggleBest JQuery Training Lecture / Practical Ratio

This best Mastering classroom / onlineJQuery training class is

  • 50% quality lecture
  • 30% Hands on lab programs
  • 20% lab problem solving exercises

Normally the lecture segments lasting for 150 to 180 minutes/day.

ToggleAdvanced Classroom /

Online JQuery Training

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • ECMAScript 6 (The next version of the standard, code-named "Harmony" or "ES.next" )
  • JQuery 2.1.1

Normally the lecture segments lasting for 150 to 180 minutes/day.

ToggleBest Advanced classroom / online JQuery Training from India Course Material*

Our best classroom / online JQuery Training Institute from India Student Materials include a comprehensive Student study material complete with detailed course notes, diagrams. Step-by-step lab instructions are clearly illustrated for your maximum learning.

All attendees receive comprehensive courseware, which includes:

  • Study Material
  • Lab programs
  • Lab Exercises

Beginner / Advanced / Expert JQuery Training Material: 1 No's

Toggle Best JQuery Training Upcoming Dates & Course Duration

Learn the latest JQuery version : JQuery 2.1.1 . Indepth Course Coverage. Theory + Lab Programs + Exercises

Course Duration: 10 - 20 Hours
Starts: 25 March 2016

2nd Floor,15/1,Five furlong Road,Maduvankarai
Chennai, Tamilnadu 600031 India
Phone: 91 96 000 67 888

ToggleDetailed Course Contents

Introduction to JQuery

  • Objectives
  • What is JQuery?
  • What JQuery Simplifies?
  • How to use JQuery Library
  • Accessing Google Hosted CDN
  • How to select an HTML element?
  • DOM Not Loaded
  • DOM Loaded
  • window.onload
  • Drawback of window.onload
  • The document ready Handler
  • window.onload vs document.ready
  • What JQuery Performs?
  • Wrapper Set
  • Finding Zero Elements
  • Select Elements & Perform Action
  • Chain Multiple Methods
  • The PlainObject
  • JQuery Prototype
  • JQuery no-conflict Mode
  • JQuery Version
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Working with Selectors & CSS

  • Objectives
  • The html Function
  • The css Function
  • The val Function
  • The addClass Function
  • The removeClass Function
  • The toggleClass Function
  • The hasClass Function
  • The attr Function
  • The removeAttr Function
  • The prop Function
  • The removeProp Function
  • Attribute Equal Selector
  • Attribute Not Equal Selector
  • Attribute Start With Selector
  • The attributeEndsWith selector
  • The attributeContains selector
  • The attributeContainsPrefix selector
  • The attributeContainsWord selector
  • Has Attribute Selector
  • Multiple Attribute Selector
  • All Selector
  • Class selector
  • Element Selector
  • ID Selector
  • Multiple Selector
  • lang Selector
  • Not Selector
  • Root Selector
  • Target Selector
  • EQ Selector
  • LT Selector
  • The gt selector
  • Even Selector
  • Odd Selector
  • First Selector
  • Last Selector
  • Focus Selector
  • Header Selector
  • The first-child selector
  • The last-child selector
  • First & Last Child Selector
  • The first-of-type selector
  • The last-of-type selector
  • Nth Child Selector
  • The nth-last-child selector
  • Only Child Selector
  • Contains Selector
  • Has Selector
  • Empty Selector
  • Parent Selector
  • Button Selector
  • Checkbox Selector
  • Form Element Selector
  • Checked Selector
  • Disabled Selector
  • Enabled Selector
  • Selected Selector
  • Child Selector
  • Descendant Selector
  • Next Adjacent Selector
  • Next Siblings Selector
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Working with JQuery Core

  • Objectives
  • Utility Functions
  • The type Function
  • The isEmptyObject Function
  • The isPlainObject Function
  • The each Function
  • The extend Function
  • The fn.extend Function
  • The isFunction Function
  • The isWindow Function
  • The isNumeric Function
  • The noop Function
  • The now Function
  • The isArray Function
  • The makeArray Function
  • The inArray Function
  • The globalEval Function
  • The grep Function
  • The map Function
  • The merge FunctionUtility Functions
  • The type Function
  • The isEmptyObject Function
  • The isPlainObject Function
  • The each Function
  • The extend Function
  • The fn.extend Function
  • The isFunction Function
  • The isWindow Function
  • The isNumeric Function
  • The noop Function
  • The now Function
  • The isArray Function
  • The makeArray Function
  • The inArray Function
  • The globalEval Function
  • The grep Function
  • The map Function
  • The merge Function
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Event Handling

  • Objectives
  • JQuery Event Model
  • Binding Event Handlers
  • The bind Event Attachment
  • The unbind Event Attachment
  • The delegate Event Attachment
  • JQuery New Event API
  • The on Event Attachment
  • The off Event Attachment
  • Using Methods Event Attachment
  • More Event Handlers
  • The pageX Event Properties
  • The pageY Event Properties
  • The currentTarget Property
  • The relatedTarget Property
  • The target Property
  • The data Property
  • The preventDefault Method
  • The stopImmediatePropagation Method
  • The result Property
  • The type Property
  • The which Property
  • JQuery Event Classficiation
  • The Form Events
  • The Mouse Events
  • The Keyboard Events
  • The focus Event
  • The focusin Event
  • The blur Event
  • The focusout Event
  • The hover Event
  • The one Event Attachment
  • The trigger Function
  • The Custom Events
  • Trigger Pass Data
  • Submit Form Without submit() func
  • The triggerHandler Function
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

Working with DOM Elements

  • Objectives
  • DOM Manipulation
  • DOM Manipulation Function Classfication
  • DOM Insertion, Around
  • The wrap Function
  • The wrapAll Function
  • The wrapInner Function
  • The unwrap Function
  • DOM Insertion, Inside
  • The append Function
  • The appendTo Function
  • The prepend Function
  • The prependTo Function
  • DOM Insertion, Outside
  • The after Function
  • The insertAfter Function
  • The before Function
  • The insertBefore Function
  • The empty Function
  • The replaceAll Functio
  • The replaceWith Function
  • The replaceAll Function
  • The get Function
  • The index Function
  • The toArray Function
  • Summary
  • Lab Activities

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